Small Bear Fir Needle Shea Soap by Bedrock Tree Farm


SKU: 80104


  • All natural soap
  • Fresh Smelling
  • Montana inspired 

The Bedrock Tree Farm continues to make the best all natural products! This soap in particular speaks to the Montana enthusiasts with the indistinguishable shape of a bear. This is the perfect gift for fans of these winter time hibernators, or if you are fascinated with bears yourself. This guy is probably the only fresh smelling bear in the world so you can guarantee you will stay clean and fresh as well.

The Bedrock Tree Farm family never ceases to provide the best products to those looking for quality in their soaps, candles, scrubs so much more! These guys literally provide fresh quality right from their back yard with their own tree farm that they planted in the early 2000's. They know what to do when it comes to all natural products and that's why we at the Montana Gift Corral love their products and we know you will love them too.