Small Green Tree with Brass Plated Bells by Belsnickel Enterprises


SKU: 64152
  • Nature-Inspired Design
  • Brass Plated Bells
  • Made in the USA

No matter what time of year it is, now is the perfect time to get your hands on some fun holiday decor. We are sure that you've been searching for that perfect set of jingle bells that will add some holiday cheer to your home! Check out the Small Green Tree with Brass Plated Bells by Belsnickel Enterprises. Handmade in the USA these brass jingle bells will let you know right away when you have visitors at your home. Did we mention that they act as the best "decorative burglar alarms" on the market? Haha! The Nature-inspired design of this product will ensure that this piece is not only usable during the Christmas season, heck, you might as well pop it out at thanksgiving for a jolly good time!

Belsnickel Enterprises often referred to as "the bell people", are known for their unique jingle bell designs. From traditional designs to wildlife-inspired bells, this unique company has you covered! Owned and operated by the original founding family, keeping the tradition of making all of their bell straps from real, hand-cut leather, and the bells are attached by hand. So neat!

Looking for a larger version of these jingle bells? We've got you covered! Pick up the Large Green Tree with Brass Plated Bells by Belsnickel Enterprises!