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Small Soapstone Buffalo by Western Woods Distributing


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  • Hand-carved
  • Measures 1 1/2" long and 1/2" tall
  • Each buffalo is extremely unique. This picture is representative of what the buffalo looks like, but we cannot guarantee that you will get this exact one. This comes in two shades: dark and light. Please state your preferred color in the order comments. If we cannot fulfill your request, a color will be chosen for you. Thank you for understanding! 

Did you know the buffalo is the national mammal of the United States? If the buffalo is one of your favorites, how about this cute Small Soapstone Buffalo by Western Woods Distributing for your desk? Cute and quaint, this little guy is a fun way to add some wild flair to our desk. If you've ever seen a buffalo in the wild, you know how interesting they are to look at. With their unique humped backs, shaggy coats, and unique facial features, it's no surprise that people flock to the American west to see these creatures. Plus, once you see a baby buffalo, also known as a red dog, you will instantly fall in love! Why not commemorate that experience with a little buffalo of your own?

Western Woods Distributing is a team of artisans who have been in the gem and rock business for many years. Based out of St. George, Utah, they source rocks and gems from all over the world and then carve and shape them in-house at their facility there. From polishing to carving, they work hard to provide unique trinkets and keepsakes for people who love rocks! Made from soapstone, this soapstone animal is designed to be tough, withstanding heat and staining. That means you can tuck this guy into a high-traffic area and know he'll withstand it all. He's cute, he's tough, and this Small Soapstone Buffalo by Western Woods Distributing belongs with you!