Small Tree Fir Needle Shea Soap by Bedrock Tree Farm


SKU: 80105


  • 2.5 oz
  • Coconut Oil Base with added shea butter

A soap that has the refreshing scent of fir paired with the moisturizing components of shea butter can be hard to come by. Now you can easily have everything you want in a soap with the Small Tree Fir Needle Shea Soap by Bedrock Tree Farm. All Bedrock Tree Farm soaps are natural melt and pour bases and contain no detergents or sulfates. Isn't that great? Using fresh fir needles, dried powder, fir needle essential oil, and some creativity, these cute soaps are sure to please!

As a company that started humble beginnings, The Bedrock Tree Farm family never ceases to provide the best products to those looking for quality in their soaps, candles, scrubs so much more! They always strive to bring you the best environmentally conscious products by using branches from their own trees. This great company provides fresh ingredients right from their back yard from their own tree farm that they planted in the early 2000's. They know what to do when it comes to all natural products and we know that they give you the best.

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