Speckled Campfire Mug by Lester Lou Designs (3 Styles)


SKU: 80483


  • Handmade in Bozeman MT
  • Approx. 13 oz.
  • Ceramic Campfire Mug

A good hefty campfire mug is a great thing to have in your Montana cabin! Imagine waking up from your tent and stepping outside to a dewy chill morning in the mountains. Like many, you’ll probably be looking forward to your hot cup of coffee to get you ready for the day. Choose from 3 styles of Speckled Campfire Mugs by Lester Lou Designs. These mugs are wonderful and sturdy, perfect for wherever your travels may take you. Put anything inside this great vessel; hot coffee, cold tea, even a meal!

The owner and artist behind Lester Lou Designs, Leslie Swenson, loves expanding her creative mind by finding different mediums she's passionate about. Not only does she vinyl print on fun campfire mugs, but she also creates stunning etched glasses, baby blankets, and stuffed animals! We love Lester Lou Designs and we know that you will fall in love just as hard as we have!

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