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Square Inlay Bowl by Totally Bamboo


SKU: 61016

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  • Measures 12" wide and 4 1/2" deep
  • Materials: organically grown bamboo
  • Hand wash only

Who says bowls have to be round? Not Totally Bamboo! Check out this Square Inlay Bowl by Totally Bamboo and set this baby out at your next dinner party for a little pizzazz on your well-designed party table. We know that you're a pro at setting up a beautiful grazing table for your big events, which is why this is a no-frills bowl while remaining beautiful. All the glory is found in the natural moss bamboo, with a little hint of uniqueness in the bamboo stripe near the top. From chips and salsa to popcorn to candy, this bowl makes displaying food fun!

Totally Bamboo is a company with a unique story. It started out with a husband and wife duo who were making director's chairs for movie sets in Hollywood. As they were trying and testing out different materials that would create the best chair while also being sustainable, they stumbled across bamboo! It has a higher tensile strength than steel, but it's so light that it makes it extremely easy to carry. After working with it in their chairs and loving it, they expanded into cutting boards, bowls, utensils, and so much more! They want to share the durability and enjoyment of bamboo with you! That's exactly what you'll get with your new Square Inlay Bowl by Totally Bamboo!