Stalked by a Mountain Lion by Jo Deurbrouck


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  • 208 Pages
  • Written by Jo Deurbrouck
  • Published by National Book Network

Stalked by a Mountain Lion by Jo Deurbrouck offers a fascinating and insightful look into the increased interaction between humans and mountain lions. Unravel the history of cougar encounters and learn about the unique challenges to their shrinking habitats. Get an up-close and personal glimpse of the shy predators, from the shocking stories of attacks to the awe-inspiring moments of strange encounters!

Experience true adventure through the eyes of Jo Deurbrouck in her book 'Stalked by a Mountain Lion.' A former whitewater raft guide and wanderer of the West, Deurbrouck’s writings evoke a passion that transports readers to a wild and beautiful journey, both factual and fear-filled, of cougars in America. An M.A. in English and contributions to the Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and more make Deurbrouck an authority on true adventure.