Standing Moose Ornament by The Handcrafted


SKU: 61438


  •  3"
  • Durable Wooden Construction
  • Wildlife-Inspired Design

When it comes to decorating your rustic MT home for Christmas, wildlife-inspired ornaments are a no-brainer! If you are looking for suggestions, make sure to check out our Standing Moose Ornament by The Handcrafted. With high-quality wooden construction, this unique ornament pairs wonderfully with an array of Christmas decoration themes. Whether you are planning a white Christmas, or prefer traditional colorful Christmas decor, our Standing Moose Ornament will be perfect for your home!

A Texas-based company, The Handcrafted, is well-known throughout the nation for crafting high-quality wooden gifts and home decor. Since 2003, this company has been committed to maintaining high standards when it comes to product design and quality! With our selection of wooden gifts from The Handcrafted, we know that your home will be the best on the block.

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