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Stanley: A Prairie Dog's Tale Book One by Robert Nehls


SKU: 72237


  • Approx. 6" x 8"
  • Paperback
  • Illustrated by Robert Rath

      Have you ever been driving through the wide open plains and noticed the tiny silhouettes that dart around? Have you ever wondered what prairie dogs do all day? Well, Stanley: A Prairie Dog's Tale by Robert Nehls explores the world of prairie dogs and what life must be like for such tiny critters. Stanley: A Prairie Dog's Tale by Robert Nehls is a wonderful and enriching story for children of all ages. Stanley: A Prairie Dog's Tale by Robert Nehls has adventure, tragedy and the wonders of family. Join Stanley as he goes from being the tiniest prairie dog to being one of his kingdoms greatest warriors in Stanley: A Prairie Dog's Tale by Robert Nehls! Legend of the Star is the first book in the Stanley: A Prairie Dog's Tale series by Robert Nehls by Robert Nehls.

     Robert Nehls has been telling stories for a long time. However, most of Robert Nehls stories come in the form of poetry. One day while Robert Nehls was driving he happened to glance in his rearview mirror. There he saw the dazed little form of the prairie dog that had just darted under his front tire. The prairie dog tumbled to the other side of the road and then, like every good storyteller, Robert couldn't help but think ...What if?