Stories of Yellowstone by M. Mark Miller


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  • Size - 6" inches x 9" inches
  • Pages - 240
  • Paperback 

In the book Stories of Yellowstone by M. Mark Miller, follow along as they recount Yellowstone National Park's history, beginning with John Colter's first discovery of the wonder of the Yellowstone Plateau in 1807 and ending in the 1920s when tourists raced past in their automobiles between extravagant hotels. The accounts originate from the letters, journals, and diaries of early visitors and later tourists. The narratives from the earliest visitors illustrate the mountain men's astonishment at geysers that spouted boiling water hundreds of feet high and their encounters with the native inhabitants of the area. The subsequent stories portray the "civilizing" of the park and the heyday of tourist travel in the region.

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