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Striped Paddle Board by Totally Bamboo


SKU: 77159


  • Approx. 9" x  6"
  • 1/2" thick

Whether it's time for a party or simply lunchtime picnic, the Striped Paddle Board by Totally Bamboo is the perfect choice for something not overly large and gaudy. This handy board is ideal for slicing citrus and other garnishes, cutting and serving sandwiches or as a platter for appetizers and charcuterie. Its unique paddle shape and handle pair so well with the stylish, striped two-tone look of this board!

Crafted from organically-grown vertical-grain bamboo, Totally Bamboo cutting boards are crafted to be lightweight, durable and gentle on knives. When it's time for cleanup, their boards quickly wipe clean and should not be soaked or washed in the dishwasher. Get yours today!

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