Summer of the Tree Army by Sleeping Bear Press


SKU: 78433


  • Reading Level - Grade 2
  • Number of Pages: 32
  • Dimensions: 9x11

There is nothing like the sense of adventure and excitement of exploring the outdoors as there is with children. That theme runs consistently through Summer of the Tree Army by Sleeping Bear Press. Set against the backdrop of the Great Depression and President Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps, young Charlie Brightelot is intrigued by the mysterious barracks and crew that all of the sudden appeared in the woods near his home. Though not everyone is sold on the sweeping federal program and the work these men were doing, all come together in the face of a threating forest fire in this already harrowing time. The rich and vibrant illustrations combined with an exceptional story by author Gloria Whelan make Summer of the Tree Army a more than worthy read for children (and adults) of all ages.

With the release of The Legend of Sleeping Bear (an Official Children’s Book of the State of Michigan) in April of 1998, Sleeping Bear Press was launched into the world of children’s books! Deeply committed to its mission of providing books that engage, entertain, and educate, these award-winning books provide opportunities for children to explore the world in educational, library, and home settings.

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