Swirl Copper Pin by John Rose (5 options)


SKU: 45900


  • Handcrafted by artisan John Rose
  • No two pins are ever alike
  • Made in Bigfork, Montana

Montanans are proud of the Big Sky Country and they have every right to be. Gorgeous scenery, wonderful people, and a multitude of benefits unlike any other state in the union make Montana a the perfect place to live. Show your Montana pride one of our colorful and fun copper swirl pins by Montana artist John Rose!

John Rose is the master craftsmen behind each unique creation from RoseWorksMT. He hand cuts each piece of copper, hammers out his desired design, and uses heat to create a variety of beautiful colors in the metal. Based in Bigfork, Monana, it is the beauty of his surroundings that inspires each of his pieces. These unique pins are sure to look stunning with any western ensemble.

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