Tapered Rolling Pin by Totally Bamboo


SKU: 78786


  • Measures 20 1/2" x 1 3/4"
  • Tapered Design
  • Crafted from End-Grain Bamboo

Roll out delicious flavors with this statement piece! Our Tapered Rolling Pin by Totally Bamboo  is crafted from organically-grown Moso bamboo and features an intricate inlay for a beautiful design. Its lightweight and durable, perfect for making all sorts of dough from pastries & breads to pizzas. It's easy to keep your rolling pin clean, even after a big day of cooking! Just give it a quick hand wash, no soaking or dishwashing necessary.

Experience the strength, durability, and sustainability of bamboo with products from Totally Bamboo! Tom & Joanne, the masterminds of Totally Bamboo, have revolutionized the way we use everyday kitchen products - with the use of a renewable resource, bamboo! Not only is it strong and lightweight, but its roots are quickly regenerated when harvested. Check out their range of kitchen products and make the switch today to eco-friendly bamboo!

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