The Art of Charlie Russell Postcards by the Montana Historical Society


SKU: 80488


  • Includes 32 Postcards
  • Art from Charlie Russell
  • Montana and Outdoor-inspired Art

 In 1909 Charlie Russel painted watercolor pieces that he graciously gifted to the Montana Historical Society. This piece was the first of dozens that were featured in this museum! The art of Charlie Russel is highly esteemed throughout the nation, and typically represents an array of western history motifs. If you are a fan of his work, make sure to pick up The Art of Charlie Russell Postcards by the Montana Historical Society. Including 32 beautifully designed artworks from Charlie Russel, this decorative book is perfect for those of you who are looking to send some postcards home or even anyone who is looking for an attractive book to add some visual appeal to their coffee table!

The Montana Historical Society is based in the Big Sky state and is passionate about preserving historical resources that are important to the understanding of true MT history. As of today, the Montana Historical Society has a collection of over 240 pieces of art from Charlie Russell. From paintings to sculptures, drawings, and illustrated letters, this collection of historical paintings shows how rich our beautiful state is in history.

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