The Last Buffalo Hunt & Other Stories by J. I. Merritt


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  • 216 Pages
  • Published in Montana

“In the spring of 1769, six men rode west from the upper Yadik Valley in North Carolina … They expected to be gone at least six montha, and their leader .. .expected to be gone a spell longer than that. It would be two years before Daniel Boone again laid eyes on the Yadkin Vallet and the cabin that was home to him.”

  • From chapter 1: The Long Hunter: Daniel Boone

For those interested in the history of the exploration and occasional exploitation of the west, this is the book for you! Featuring recovered stories of Teddy Roosevelt, Daniel Boone, John Muir, and many, many others, this collection is one of the most engrossing accounts of Montana history you’ll come across. Spanning several centuries and states, these stories, originally been published in a variety of publications big and small, are now available in one volume thanks to the work of outdoor writer J. I. Merritt.

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