The Wilderness Cooking Handbook by J. Wayne Fears


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  • Paperback Novel
  • 158 Pages
  • Written by J. Wayne Fears

Learn to cook in the great outdoors with "The Wilderness Cooking Handbook" by J. Wayne Fears. This paperback novel contains 158 pages of useful information and recipes for cooking over open fires and in alternative energy cooking sites. Perfect for those with a simpler lifestyle, this book teaches basic cooking skills and offers tips for mastering different types of stoves. From bannock to campfire roast, you'll find recipes for all your wilderness cooking needs!

J. Wayne Fears, the author of this wilderness cookbook, is a highly accomplished outdoor writer with over 6000 magazine articles and 32 books under his belt. He has been recognized for his expertise and was even elected into the prestigious Explorers Club and inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame. Using knowledge from his extensive experience as an explorer, backcountry outfitter, and wildlife professional, Fears delivers an informative guide to wilderness cooking in this outdoor cookbook!