Theodore Waddell: My Montana by Rick Newby


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  • 256 Pages
  • Written by Rick Newby
  • Published in Montana

Theodore Waddell stands as one of the West's most celebrated contemporary artists, with his works resonating with emotional and sensuous depths. Immersed in the journals and letters of this great man, this book offers an unprecedented insight into Waddell's life as an artist in Theodore Waddell: My Montana by Rick Newby. Celebrating the illustrious life and art of Theodore Waddell by those who have known him best - explore this special volume today for a unique insight into an amazing journey!

Calling all art aficionados - Rick Newby is an expert in modern and contemporary art, whose essays on ceramic artists, painters, sculptors, and photographers have been featured in premier publications around the world! His book "Theodore Waddell: My Montana" even received the 2018 High Plains Book Award in the Art/Photography category. How cool!

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