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Thick Agate Slab #4 by Western Woods Distributing


SKU: 80903


  • Roughly 4.5" inches by 2.5" inches
  • Each Agate is extremely unique. This picture is representative of what the Agate looks like, but we cannot guarantee that you will get this exact one. This comes in three shades: blue, purple and white. Please state your preferred color in the order comments. If we cannot fulfill your request, a color will be chosen for you. Thank you for understanding! 

Agates are ancient gemstones that occur in cavities of eruptive rocks or ancient lavas. Most agates aren't natural beautiful and need to go through a tumbling process to get polished. Agates are often dyed to enhance the color. The banding patterns in the Agates comes from their cavities being filled with volcanic liquid and each has its own unique pattern due to each cavity being a different size. 

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