Ties, Rails, and Telegraph Wires by Dale Martin


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  • Approx. 7" x 10"
  • Paperback
  • Associated the Montana Historical Society

      "In Ties, Rails, and Telegraph Wires, Dale Martin takes us on a delightfully written and beautifully illustrated journey back in time, into an era across Montana and the West in which railroads were the vanguards of the modern world. From small-town depots to Montana's large urban centers, Martin's journey celebrates and carefully documents the profound visual, social, and technological impress of the railroad upon the western language and those who called it home. Above all, Martin reminds us how important the railroad was in shaping the West we know today."                 - William Wyckoff, Professor of Geography, Montana State University, and author of How to Read the American West: A Field Guide

     Ties, Rails, and Telegraph Wires by Dale Martin is a detailed story about the railroads that once crisscrossed across our beloved Big Sky Country. Ties, Rails, and Telegraph Wires by Dale Martin talks about the different depots, large and small, about the trains and goods transported. Ties, Rails, and Telegraph Wires by Dale Martin also talks about the wonderful and fascinating people behind the railroads. Learn all about the history of one of Montana's most pivotal moments in history in Ties, Rails, and Telegraph Wires by Dale Martin!