Tree of Freedom Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass


SKU: 75760


  • Crafted from glass
  • Available in 6" diameter
  • Glass loop on top for easy hanging

When we have the freedom to reach deep and find what we need to grow, we blossom and grow to new heights! The Tree of Freedom Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass gives off a serene sense of freedom and who wouldn't want that? Like trees in a forest, no two Tree of Enchantments are alike. With glass “leaves” cascading across the top of the orb and “trunk” webbing pulled through the interior from bottom to top, the Tree of Enchantment is a magnificent, eye catching piece in any size!

Kitras Art Glass has an amazing team of dedicated, skilled and creative employees who make magic happen in their studio, warehouse and office. They are Canada's largest hot glass studio, where each piece is designed, created and shipped out of their studio in Fergus, Ontario.  All designs are meticulously created by artist Stephen Kitras and the great thing about the Enchantment Trees is that like trees in a forest, no two are alike!  

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