Triple Tree Mini Sculpture by Larson Metal Art


SKU: 84054


  • Made in Missoula, Montana
  • Measures approx. 6" tall and 3 1/4" wide
  • Materials: low-carbon steel

If rustic charm is what you're after, a Triple Tree Mini Sculpture by Larson Metal Art is just what you need in your home! As the perfect accent for your home or office, this piece is laser-cut to mimic the tall and beautiful evergreen trees of Montana and the Rocky Mountains. A copper-y finish is added to the piece to give it just a little hint of glimmer and light. The handcrafted feel of the piece adds to its rugged and rustic charm. Plus, you can take heart in knowing that you bought this from a true Montana artist working with his hands to produce something beautiful.

Dave Larson is a lifelong Montanan who, like anyone who has lived in Big Sky Country all their life, has a deep connection and passion for the outdoors. Because of the time he's spent in the wilderness outside of Missoula and beyond, he has a unique knack for portraying that in his work. While this sculpture is mini, its impact is grand, just as grand as the experience of walking through majestic trees as you hike a mountain and scale to the summit. This would look lovely as part of an outdoor rustic decor theme in your home. And the fact that it's made in Montana home decor just makes it all the more special! Decorate and celebrate Montana with this Triple Tree Mini Sculpture by Larson Metal Art.