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Turkey Bacon Meat Snack by Treat Planet


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  • 100% human-grade, 95% Meat. 
  • No added fillers, hormones, nitrites, or nitrates. Free of MSG, gluten, and soy.
  • Low Fat Dog Treats made in the USA

Here at the Montana Gift Corral, we are convinced that dogs are the true head of the household. This being said, why don't we feed them like they are? Dog treats nowadays are plum full of preservatives and additives that are truly unhealthy for your pup. Luckily, our Turkey Bacon Meat Snacks by Treat Planet feature no added fillers, hormones, nitrites, or nitrates, and are free of MSG, gluten, and soy. Made with 100% human-grade ingredients, these are low-fat dog treats that are just as healthy as they are tasty! We want the best for our furry family members, and we know that you do as well!

Treat Planet, owner of 'Etta Says!' the brand responsible for these Turkey Bacon Meat Snacks, offers treats that are meat-based as well as unique innovative chews. Each brand owned by Treat Planet uses high-quality and innovative products made from unique proteins and all-natural ingredients. Pets love them, and their owners love giving them!

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