Turquoise Elliot the Moose Infant Montana T-Shirt by Prairie Mountain


SKU: 79841


  • Long lasting
  • Montana Inspired

Here is a great way to show your love of Montana and keep the kids clothed in the Montana way. This shirt comes in a variety of sizes for growing children. And knowing how messy kids can be, this shirt is easy to clean for when those surprise spills occur. The print will last for years and years to come, and knowing the people who put the print on that shirt we can confidently say that this will last for a long time!

Prairie Mountain has been in the shirt printing industry for more than 40 years! Thats a lot of printing experience! Their shirts are made of 100% recycled cotton and polyester that is all made in the USA, in fact they have one of the largest selections of made in the USA garments in the nation! So you know what you are getting is good quality and dependable. That's why we at the Montana Gift Corral work with them, because they know how to make quality designs and use quality material!