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Tyrannosaurus Rex by Ted Rechlin


SKU: 65118
  • 80 pages
  • Grade level 3-4
  • Fully illustrated book

“The greatest frustration I can think of is the fact you humans will never get to see dinosaurs in their time and place. Sure, the science is getting better all the time. You collect better data, find better sites, model new things. But the fact remains: you will never, ever, truly "know." (If time machines have been invented as you read this, please disregard...) But here is where science gets a little help...”

-from the Forward

Follow the struggles of the 40-foot-long, 7 ton Tyrannosaurus Rex, Cobalt, as he works to stake out his own territory, find prey, and generally live a happy dinosaur life! Perfect for the junior paleontologist or dinosaur enthusiast, this educational graphic novel from artistic genius Ted Rechlin brings the King of the Dinosaurs to life as never before.

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