Upstairs Girls by Michael Rutter


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  • Published in Montana
  • Historic Accounts of the Wild West
  • Written by Michael Rutter

This remarkable Western History tells the tale of the fallen ladies of the Wild West. Historian Micheal Rutter offers a thorough look at the lives of women who turned the this profession. The pages of this engaging Western History are full of stories of notorious madams, the tragic Chinese sex trade, the occupational hazards these women faced, the spirit of the rowdy dance hall girls, and the efforts of the “Moral Purity Movement” to put an end to this lifestyle.

This unique Western Book shares the heart–breaking and sometimes humorous profiles of the madams, the girls and the clients of the world's oldest profession practiced in the early West. Written by historian Micheal Rutter. “Upstairs Girls” is 226 pages with black and white photographs in a 6” x 9” soft cover. ISBN: 1-56037-357-1