Uranus MOVA Globe


SKU: 75405


  • Spins using magnets and solar power
  • Measures 4.5" in diameter
  • Designed by a physicist

Want some new decor that's easy to display? Check out this Uranus MOVA Globe! As a part of the MOVA Globe collection, you can guarantee you're getting a high-quality interesting piece to add to your home and office. MOVA was founded in 2003 by a man who was inspired by the solar system. Containing so many unknown beauties, he set out to create home accents that would bring a bit of that wonder, and the starts, into our homes. Today, MOVA is known worldwide for its unique spin on decorating.

Each MOVA Globe has a transparent shell made from high-quality acrylic. That outer shell doesn't move while the inner one rotates using hidden magnets. Using the earth's natural gravitational pull, they are charged with ambient lighting. As long as this globe has access to a light source, it will continue to spin all on its own. What's more, MOVA crafts their globes with real images from NASA satellites. The beautiful blues of Uranus, known as the ice giant, come through vibrantly in this globe. Celebrate outer space with the Uranus MOVA Globe in your home! 

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