Vigilante Days and Ways by Nathaniel P. Langford


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  • 352 pages
  • Originally published in 1890 – reprint edition

“The next morning at an early hour the people gathered around the prison. The guards were gone and the door ajar. Unable to restrain their curiosity, and fearful that the robbers had been rescued, they pushed the door wide open. There, hanging by the neck, stark and cold, they beheld the bodies of the three desperadoes”

-from Chapter VII, First Vigilance Committee

First published in 1890 by real-life vigilante Nathanial Langford, Vigilante Days and Ways breathes life into Montana’s earliest history. These true accounts of outlaws and lawmen date back to the infant days of the treasure state, and plunge the reader wholly into the danger and majesty of the pioneer and gold-rush era. Keep your wits about you, though – sometimes the line between hero and villain is slimmer than you think!

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