Vintage Howling Wolf 2 by Old World Christmas


SKU: 76335


  • Crafted from Handblown Glass
  • 1.5" H x 2.75" W x 4" D
  • Wildlife Inspired Design

Montana is home to the ever-popular Gray Wolf. This species of wolf is known as the largest species of wild dog, with the ability to weigh up to 104 lbs! While they are called Gray Wolves, they can actually range in color from light gray to dark gray, black, or even white! If you are a wolf-lover, make sure to pick up our Vintage Howling Wolf 2 by Old World Christmas. This unique holiday ornament is the perfect addition to any home decor arsenal. Add a touch of Montana wildlife to your space with this unique, hand-painted ornament! 

Old World Christmas is a company that is passionate about bringing back the traditional method of mouth-blowing their distinct ornaments. Each and every glass ornament offered by this company is mouth-blown into finely carved molds, coated in liquid silver, and hand-painted and glittered for a one-of-a-kind design. 

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