Vintage Red Montana Made Onesie by Cody Sarrazin


SKU: 82681


  • Made in Montana
  • Available in 3 sizes

The perfect way to commemorate your little one being born in the great State of Montana is with this Vintage Red Montana Made Onesie by Cody Sarrazin. Featuring a cute graphic of Montana with the word Made inside of it, this Montana clothing is the perfect way to dress your kiddo. Additionally, this cute onesie also includes a fun hood design. When the hood is raised, there are adorable, little bear ears that poke up. Montana baby clothes don't get much cuter than this!

Cody Sarrazin's artwork captures everything that makes Montana an outdoor paradise: blue skies, soft puffy clouds, snow-capped mountains, and tall pine trees. Raising kids in a place that has such powerful and natural views can keep them grounded. Cody Sarrazin's passion for keeping our local Montanans clothed is one that is hard to match. You can wear Cody Sarrazin's clothes with pride knowing they are made right here in Montana!