Warmies Hugs by Intelex USA (6 styles)


SKU: 82223


  • Size - 9" inches tall
  • Scented with real lavender
  • Heatable in microwave
  • Chillable in freezer

If you love hugs, you're going to love the Warmies Hugs by Intelex USA! These Warmies love to hug so much, they don't want to let go! That's why when you choose one of our Warmies Hugs, you get two Warmies for the price of one! We have dogs, koalas, unicorns, sloths, elephants, and dinosaurs, but what do they all of in common? Besides their velcro that allows them to hug each other, they are filled with real lavender! So when you decide you need their warmth, you also get their aromatherapy! These Warmies Hugs really care about you! They can heat up in the microwave and cool down in the freezer so you can have a hug just how you want it! Plus, these little hug-loving Warmies are great for travel due to their cute, portable size, so you can bring them on a plane for naps or simply in the car to the park! 

Warmies, a company established in 1995, is well-known for producing high-quality plush animals. These unique stuffed animals use a combination of warmth, weight, and scent to offer an overall comforting sensory experience. Each and every Warmies product is scented with Real French Lavender, which has been carefully sourced from local growers in Provence! Here at Montana Gift Corral, we all love our Warmies! Discover your favorite Warmies Hugs and never go without a hug again!