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Water Color Moose Rectangle Cutting Board by G.P. Originals


SKU: 78311


  • 11" x 8"
  • Textured Tempered Glass Cutting Board
  • Wildlife Inspired Design

When it comes to being a great chef, cleanliness is key! When preparing food for yourself and others, it is essential to keep your space clean - ultimately reducing the risk of foodborne illness. While you are more likely to come across wooden cutting boards, glass cutting boards are less likely to spread bacteria. With no grooves for bacteria to get cling to, glass cutting boards are more hygienic and pose less of a risk for spreading foodborne illness! This being said, make sure to pick up our Water Color Moose Rectangle Cutting Board by G.P. Originals. This tempered glass cutting board has a heat-imprinted outdoors-inspired design, perfect for chopping and dicing. When not in use, you can display it as a unique piece of kitchen decor. Talk about double duty!

Based in Littleton, Colorado, G.P. Originals is a company that is passionate about pairing lovely designs with functional products. From glass, fabric, wood, metal, and goods made of other textiles, G.P. Originals is able to use a heat imprinting process to make a permanent design. This design resists time and won't crack, peel, or wash away. Trust us - this wildlife-inspired glass cutting board will be the perfect addition to your rustically-styled kitchen!

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