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Weird Rocks by Michele Corriel


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  • Approx. 9" x 8.5"
  • Illustrated by Dan Bilyeu
  • Hardcover

     One of the best parts about visiting Montanan beaches is going hunting for beautiful, unique or interesting rocks. Whether you are collecting beautiful Montana agates or interesting chunks of limestone, there is bound to be a rock that piques your interest. And if you don't find one walking along the shore you will in Weird Rocks by Michele Corriel. Weird Rocks by Michele Corriel is a fun children's book featuring sixteen cool and crazy rocks. The rocks that are discussed in Weird Rocks by Michele Corriel are all unique and interesting and are bound to capture your kiddo's interest. Have a little girl who dreams of being a pirate? Weird Rocks by Michele Corriel will tell her all about the strange rocks that sail across the desert floor. Does your son love to sing his heart out? Weird Rocks by Michele Corriel will teach him about the ringing rocks that can sing along with him! Whatever your kid is passionate about Weird Rocks by Michele Corriel will have a weird rock that's perfect for them!

     "Michele Corriel is a children's book author and freelance writer living and working in Belgrade, Montana. Her work has taken her from the art galleries of New York City to the back roads of the Rockies. When she isn't out rockhounding with Pat, her husband, she's probably got her nose in a good book."

     "Dan Bilyeu lives in Bozeman, Montana with his dog, Carmel O'Pup; his partner, Stacy Jackson; and her dog The Mighty Fly. He received a degree in art and graphic design in 1995 from Montana State University at Bozeman and has always been interested in illustration and design of everything from architecture to type. Dan spends his spare time rolling around in vintage cars, owning many different guitars, and enjoying Montana, a beautiful place to live."