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West To Montana by Christine Wortman-Engren


SKU: 71173


  • Approx. 6" x 9"
  • Paperback
  • Based on true events

      "I was raised on Tough Creek," said Dick Wortman. "The farther up the creek, the tougher it gets, and we lived just above the spring."

     West To Montana by Christine Wortman-Engren is a wonderful saga that was inspired by a desire for self-discovery. The story in West To Montana by Christine Wortman-Engren is about how Christine Wortman-Engren came to be born on a homestead on the south side of the Bear Paw Mountains in Montana. West To Montana by Christine Wortman-Engren follows the story of her family, from the moment Moriah and George Wortman landed in Pennslyvania in 1754. West To Montana by Christine Wortman-Engren is a story about love, life, and overcoming hardships. Christine spent years researching her family history to bring as much truth and realism to West To Montana by Christine Wortman-Engren as she could. 

     "Christine Vey Wortman was born on July 21, 1948, in Havre, Montana. Eulela and Dick Wortman took their baby girl home to the south side of the Bear Paw Mountains where her grandparents had homesteaded since 1916. In due time she was joined by three sisters. Chris first attended Lone Tree Bench School, and the Cow Island Trail School when she started third grade. She graduated from Big Sandy High in 1966. Chris earned a B>A> in English, followed by an M.A. in education and an Ed. D. in Educational Leadership from the Unversity of Montana. Now retired, Chris and her husband Chuck spend winters in Arizona and summers on Seeley Lake, Montana. Her sons still stay close to the homestead and raise cattle there."