"What Doesn't Kill You" Rectangle Bumper Sticker by TGT


Brand: TGT
SKU: 65479


  • Size - 7" inches by 1.75" inches
  • Orange and Red Letters, Black Background
  • Quote - "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger except bears, bears will kill you."

Every summer, Montana attracts tourists from near and far because of the beauty and natural wonder the Big Sky State has to offer. Consequently, Montana also records higher occurrences of animal attacks during tourist season. You may have seen these kinds of reports in the news - like buffalo attacks in Yellowstone. It is vital for anyone coming to Montana to understand the importance of wildlife safety. The "What Doesn't Kill You" Rectangle Bumper Sticker by TGT is a great reminder of why wild animals shouldn't be messed with. Using a play on the common quote, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," this sticker highlights the dangers of wild animals by reminding you that bears will kill you. Although this is a very funny sticker, it is also important to understand how vital wildlife preparedness is.  

Slap this sticker on your car's bumper, on your favorite water bottle, or anywhere else that needs a funny sticker, and let it be a guiding light for humor and safety. Know someone headed to Yellowstone on a family vacation? This Montana-themed sticker is a funny way to gently remind them to stay safe on their trip. No matter how you use this sticker, we know it will last because of TGT Sticker's high-quality production value. This manufacturing company out of the USA knows how to produce fun, crafted souvenirs and gifts that have a hint of humor. So if you are looking for your next sticker purchase, check out our collection of TGT stickers.