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Wild Calls by Wild Republic (3 Styles)


SKU: 82365


  • Measures between 7"-8"
  • Surface washable
  • 3 Wildlife-inspired designs

Wild Calls by Wild Republic is the perfect companion for a nature lover! These lifelike 7"-8" plushies come with their own sound chip--just give it a squeeze to experience the authentic call of different animal species recorded by The Cornell Labs in the wild. And with fill made from spun recycled water bottles and a tag made of recycled paper printed in soy ink, these eco-friendly cuddle buddies are as friendly to the environment as it is to you!

Wild Republic is the curator of cuteness, the genius of plush, and the leader in life-like animal toys. Established with a passion for exploring wildlife and the beauty of nature, they know how to make playtime perfect! The most realistic designs coupled with ultra-soft fabrics, these critters are sure to make every nature-lover ecstatic. Ready, set, explore! 

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