Wild Pearle Charm by A.T. Storrs (5 Styles)


SKU: 70236
  • Made in Canada
  • Made from Wild Pearle Abalone Shell
  • 5 Styles to Choose From (Price per Charm)

Add a touch of whimsy with the Wild Pearle Charm by A.T. Storrs. Handcrafted in Canada from Wild Pearle Abalone Shell, each charm offers a unique and playful touch to your collection. Choose from 5 styles (price per charm) and let the charm do the talking!

A.T. Storrs started in a small apartment in 1975 and has grown to a business with an in-house design team of more than 40 people. The items in their Wild Pearle collection, including the Wolf Charm, feature responsibly sourced abalone which is a natural by-product of the fishing industry. Each piece from A.T. Storrs is handcrafted and truly one of a kind. Add a keepsake from your Montana adventure to your charm bracelet with these Charms from A.T. Storrs!