Wild Plants and Survival Lore by Mark Warren


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  • Paperback Guide Book
  • Over 200 Hands-On Activities
  • 272 Pages

Wild Plants and Survival Lore by Mark Warren is the ultimate guide for those seeking to connect with the natural world. With over 200 hands-on activities and 272 pages of expert knowledge, this paperback survival guidebook teaches how to identify and use 100 wild plants for food, medicine, and craft. Perfect for hikers, educators, and anyone with a passion for the outdoors!

Discover the incredible background and expertise of Mark Warren, a University of Georgia graduate with a degree in Chemistry/Pre-med. Mark's extensive writing on nature has been featured in both local and national magazines, while his captivating lectures on Native American history and survival skills, as well as Western Frontier History, have inspired audiences at museums and cultural centers across the country. Well known for his series "Secrets of the Forest" see the outdoors through Mark Warren's point-of-view in Wild Plants and Survival Lore!