Wilderness Ranger Cookbook by Valerie Wigglesworth and Ralph Swain


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  • Paperback Cookbook
  • About 100 Recipes
  • Written by Valerie Wigglesworth and Ralph Swain

Spice up your wilderness adventure with the Wilderness Ranger Cookbook! Written by Valerie Wigglesworth and Ralph Swain, this paperback cookbook features about 100 trail-tested recipes from park rangers. With colorful photos and helpful tips, it's also a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Take your outdoor adventure to the next level with this wilderness cookbook! 

Ralph Swain and Valerie Wigglesworth co-authored this unique outdoor cookbook. With 30 years of experience as a wilderness ranger, Ralph Swain now manages 46 wilderness areas in five states for the Forest Service in the Rocky Mountain Region. Meanwhile, Valerie Wigglesworth, a journalist from Texas, brings her expertise as a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists to the table! Get this unique cookbook to add some outdoor-inspired flair to your next meal.