Wildlife Photography by Jack Ballard


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  • Paperback Book
  • Written by Jack Ballard
  • Guide to Capturing Unique Wildlife Photography

We are always searching for the best animal photography books. Discover the joys of wildlife photography with Wildlife Photography: Proven Techniques for Capturing Stunning Digital Images by Jack Ballard. This comprehensive guide offers tips on camera equipment, technique, framing shots, and making split-second decisions. Perfect for birders, hikers, park visitors, and travelers, this book will help you capture stunning photos and get closer to nature!

Jack Ballard, the author of this book, is a writer, photographer, naturalist, and overall nature enthusiast. His wildlife photography book is a must-have for any outdoor lover, as he has been published in countless regional and national publications. Jack's knack for capturing nature's beauty has earned him multiple awards from prestigious organizations like the Outdoor Writers Association of America. When he's not exploring the great outdoors, he calls Red Lodge, Montana home!