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Willow Tea Cup with Saucer Gift Basket


SKU: 74513


  • Hand-woven willow
  • Measures 10" in diameter and 5" tall
  • Saucer is 14" in diameter

Bring that wow factor to your gift basket making with this Willow Tea Cup with Saucer Gift Basket. Whether you're building a coffee- and tea-themed gift basket or just know how much the receiver of your gift would enjoy this whimsical basket, we're sure you're going to love the style and craftsmanship of this fun item! A tea-cup-shaped basket will really make your gift stand out! It's complete with a little handle on the side as well as a saucer on the bottom. As all of this is woven together as a single piece, you know this basket is extra durable and will hold up through travel or shipping. 

We recommend filling this will delicious coffee, tea, and jams, but we also don't want to limit your imagination! Maybe you want to fill this will lotions and candles, but think the teacup shape is a nice touch. We say do it! This fun little basket comes from the fine folks over at Wald Imports. They have been in the gifting industry for over 40 years. They keep their eyes out for unique and fun items, and this cute teacup is definitely no exception. We just love the fact that you can make this into a beautiful gift basket, give it to someone special, and then they can use it for something fun in their own home! There's no end to the possibilities! We can't wait to see how you use the Willow Tea Cup with Saucer Gift Basket!