Willow Tree Love You Too Figurine by Susan Lordi (2 styles)


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 82045


Express your love with the perfect gift - the Willow Tree Love You Too Figurine by Susan Lordi. Delight your special someone with a sweet sentimental message, embodied in a beautiful Willow Tree figurine. Show your appreciation for your mom or dad with this touching keepsake. As the children become the gift-givers, it can be hard to find something that really represents how you feel about your parents. This playful figurine is sure to help them smile! As a small child kneels on this block, they hold a wire circle that says really the only thing you need to tell your parents, "Love you."

Elegantly designed by Susan Lordi, these Willow Tree Love You Too Figurines bring sophistication and beauty into your home. Susan Lordi, a talented artist from Kansas, has crafted these works of art for many years. They have become a beloved collection the world over, and each year collectors look forward to adding new beautiful pieces to their homes. Susan isn't just a sculpture, though. She is highly skilled in a range of mediums including textile-making, but particularly loves crafting these figurines and allowing the people who give and receive them to fill them with mean. Let Susan Lordi's sculpted masterpieces bring artistry and beauty into your home., starting with the Willow Tree Love You Too Figurine by Susan Lordi!