Willow Tree With Sympathy Figurine by Susan Lordi


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 69839


  • Size - 9" inches tall
  • Hand-painted Resin Figurine
  • Design by Susan Lordi

The Dove is a symbol for peace. As this Willow Tree Figurine stands tall holding a dove to her chest, we can be reminded of the peace and comfort that comes with healing. The Willow Tree With Sympathy Figurine by Susan Lordi stands as a gentle beacon of comfort, sympathy, and remembrance. Give this Susan Lordi figurine to someone who needs a gentle reminder of inner peace and remembrance in times of sorrow.

The artist behind this sentimental piece, Susan Lordi, is known for drawing inspiration from the outdoors and her love for both form and gesture. Local to Kansas City, Susan spends her days carving and sculpting her figurines in clay. Each piece has the intention to act as beautiful simplifications of emotion, this being said, each figure is open to the interpretation of its new owner! We adore Susan Lordi's artwork and we know that you will as well.