Wine Water Tote - 16 oz by Tote-Able (3 designs)


Brand: Toteable
SKU: 62387
  • Made in America
  • BPA free, 500 ml
  • Size: 5"x11"
  • Leak proof and air tight
  • Heavy weight cotton material

We need to be ready for whatever the day is going to bring. Unlike personal water bottles, thermoses, or the ‘one time’ purchase plastic water bottle, these canvas canteens can roll up and fold up when they’re not in use, making them perfect for day tripping, camping, backpacking, biking, beachcombing, and just plain relaxing. Tuck it away until your next adventure!

Wash exterior with soap and water and let completely air dry.

The Tote-Able Company makes all their products in America.Through evolutions, collaborations, and reinventions, tote+able was born in 2012. The Tote-Able brand and collection of canvas canteens, flasks, bags, and aprons are the most current line of products to come from that collaborative effort. These extra heavy weight canvas material insures a long lasting product that can be customized to tell regional, corporate, and special event stories.