Winter Wonderland in Yellowstone by I-Ting Chiang


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  • Approx. 8" x 9"
  • Paperback
  • 72 Pages

      Winter Wonderland in Yellowstone by I-Ting Chiang is a breathtaking collection of photographs taken by a seasoned photographer. Winter Wonderland in Yellowstone by I-Ting Chiang features photos from the world's first ever national park, Yellowstone. In Winter Wonderland in Yellowstone by I-Ting Chiang you will get to see the 3,472 square miles of breathtaking beauty that makes up the Yellowstone National Park. From the beautiful Old Faithful Snow Lodge to the stunning and diverse wildlife, the Winter Wonderland in Yellowstone by I-Ting Chiang has it all! Travel alongside I-Ting Chiang in Winter Wonderland in Yellowstone as he tracks Lamar Canyon pack through the Lamar Valley. In Winter Wonderland in Yellowstone by I-Ting Chiang you can admire the Bighorn sheep in Gardiner Valley and watch an American dipper dive for aquatic bugs in the Yellowstone River. Yellowstone is a breathtaking place, even in winter. Experience a Winter Wonderland in Yellowstone by I-Ting Chiang!

      "I-Ting Chiang lives in San Diego, California, and has been a national park traveler and photographer for more than ten years. After turning imagination into action, he continues to return to Yellowstone in winter. He has co-authored three books about national parks and regularly shares pictures on National Park Past and Present Adventures' Facebook page."