Wishing Willow Tree Figurine by Susan Lordi


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 72728


  • 6 1/2" tall
  • Hand-painted resin with gold leaf
  • Avoid water; dust with a soft cloth

The beauty of a wish is that they are so unique to a wisher. Perhaps you want to send well-wishes to a friend you haven't seen in years. Perhaps you wish for prosperity for a coworker and want to convey that sentiment with something tangible. The Wishing Willow Tree Figurine by Susan Lordi helps you send whichever wishes you like. From the Willow Tree Figurine Collection, you know you're getting a quality, sentimental piece designed by Susan Lordi. 

The Wishing Willow Tree Figurine features a young woman with her hands clasped beside her head, possibly dreaming or reflecting on something special in her life. Adding to the traditional feel of Willow Tree Figurines, this piece as adorned with gold leaf. All wishes should sparkle and shine, and this figurine lets you send that message to someone special. Susan Lordi has been crafting these faceless yet emotion-filled pieces for many years, and she always somehow manages to say the un-sayable. With the Wishing Willow Tree Figurine in your collection, you know a bit of good luck is headed your way!