Wolf Ornament by EarthWood


Brand: EarthWood
SKU: 56225


  • 4'' H X 2.5'' W X 0.25'' D
  • Crafted from Authentic Olive Wood
  • Crafted in Bethlehem

Christmas is just around the corner, so let the holiday festivities begin! One of our favorite holiday moments is setting up beautiful Christmas trees in our homes. And trust us - there is nothing that screams "Rustic Montana Christmas" like a wooden Christmas ornament! We love the Wolf Ornament by EarthWood. Crafted from olive wood sourced straight from the holy land in Bethlehem, not only is this ornament beautiful, but it conveys the true meaning of the season. Celebrating the birth of Christ! Beautiful and meaningful, we know you will love the Wolf Ornament by EarthWood just as much as we do!

Handcrafted in Bethlehem, each and every product from EarthWood is crafted of authentic olive wood sourced from the holy land. This Giacaman family runs the largest olive tree factory in Israel, and they are known for never cutting the trees down. In fact, the olive wood that they use in their products is crafted from the branches of these trees, and afterward, they are dried for over a year to get them to the perfect consistency before they carve them. Wow!

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