Wolf Stainless Steel Hammered Ornament by Art Studio Company (4 Colors, 2 Sizes)


SKU: 76632
  • Crafted from stainless steel
  • Wildlife-inspired design
  • Montana souvenir

Did you know that the gray wolf used to be an endangered species? It was only in October of 2020, that this species of wolves were removed from the Endangered Species Act! There are now more than 1,160 gray wolves scattered throughout the Big Sky State. If you are as fascinated with wolves as we are, you need to check out the Wolf Stainless Steel Hammered Ornament by Art Studio Company. Crafted from stainless steel, this high-quality ornament is exactly what you need to get your fix of wolf-inspired decor for your home! 

Art Studio Company, the brand behind this fun design, is known for its extensive line of high-quality home decor. Specializing in wildlife-inspired ornaments, this company is dedicated to providing products that invoke emotional responses. Whether you are local to Montana or are simply touring this beautiful state, we can all appreciate a good Montana-inspired souvenir!