Wolf Tree Bark Ornament by EarthWood


Brand: EarthWood
SKU: 56219


  • Approx. 5" long
  • Authentic Olive Wood
  • Made in Bethlehem

The holidays are always around the corner, and it's never too early to be prepared and ready with all of your decorations in hand! This year, why not try a naturalistic, rustic style with EarthWood Ornaments. The Wolf Tree Bark Ornament by EarthWood is an adorable tree shaped olive wood ornament with a howling wolf carved in the center.  Designed and crafted in Bethlehem, using authentic olive wood from the holy land, all wooden products from EarthWood are meant to show off the love and gratitude of Christ, and how he gave our life for our sins. We love it!

For many years, EarthWood has partnered with the Giacaman Family, who live in Bethlehem. Earthwood is one of the best distributors when it comes to high quality wood products. Handcrafted in Bethlehem, each product is crafted with authentic olive wood. The three generation Giacaman family runs the largest olive tree factory in Israel, also makes these stunning carved products, and they are known for never cutting the trees down. Instead the olive wood that they use is from the branches of these trees, and afterward, they are dried for over a year to get them to the perfect dryness before carving them.

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