Wood Carved Bear Head Puzzle Box by The Handcrafted


SKU: 58434


  • Size - 3.5" inches wide, 4.5" inches tall and 2.25" inches deep
  • Natural Wood
  • Inside Box Size - 1" inches deep, 3" inches by 2.25" inches diameter

If you are looking for a beautifully crafted puzzle box, look no further than this Wood Carved Bear Head Puzzle Box by the Handcrafted. We love the quality and intricate design of this wooden puzzle box. The puzzle design acts as a lock to keep this box together and it stimulates the brain each time you open it. The inside of the box is small but perfect for your small knick knacks. Whether you use it to store small items or just to decorate a side table or shelf, you will always be able to look at this animal puzzle box with pride because of how beautiful and precious it is.

The Handcrafted is a company based here in the USA - Houston, TX to be exact! This company is passionate about offering a wide array of handmade gifts and home decor that bring a sense of authenticity to homes throughout the nation. Each product from The Handcrafted is skillfully crafted by talented craftsmanship with significant attention to detail. If you've been searching for a statement piece to add to your home, you've met your match with the Wood Carved Bear Head Puzzle Box by The Handcrafted!